Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Yumiko Yasuda
Postdoctoral Researcher

Yumiko conducts research on the governance of transboundary rivers, including the Jordan river, and Ganges-Burahmaputra river for the International Centre for Water Cooperation.

Prior to joining SIWI in 2015, she worked for the Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee, WWF and UNDP. She has over 20 years of experience working in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

She is a recipient of the Endeavour Award and Naruse Memorial Award and authored ‘Rules, Norms and NGO Advocacy Strategies: Hydropower Development on the Mekong River’ (2015, Routledge, London).

Yumiko holds a PhD from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom and speaks English and Japanese.


PhD Students

Charlotte Grech-Madin

Charlotte Grech-Madin holds a First-Class Honours degree in Government and International Relations from the University of Sydney, where she wrote a thesis exploring the sanctuary of water from inter-state conflict. She has a Certificate in Human Rights and Peacekeeping from the United Nations University for Peace and tutored in Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney.

Recently, Charlotte worked as a research assistant for the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and as a Visiting Scholar with the EU-funded Transworld-FP7 project at the University of Siena.

Her research interests focus on the Middle East and Southern Africa, specifically the Euphrates and Okavango River Basins.

Kyungmee Kim

Kyungmee Kim holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University and a Bachelor of Political Science and Business Administration.

For the past few years, she was Programme Officer for the Transboundary Water Management team at SIWI. During her graduate study, she undertook an internship for the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.

In her master’s thesis, Kyungmee focused on Transboundary Water Management and Sustainable Development in the Mekong River Basin. Her research interests include interstate and intrastate conflicts and cooperation over water resource development including hydropower and irrigation infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

Stefan Döring

Stefan Döring holds a Master of Social Science from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (Uppsala University). His Master’s thesis dealt with the role of resources from dams in intra-state wars. Stefan also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Rostock – a year of which was completed during a stay at Helsinki University.

Recently, Stefan worked as a research assistant at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research.

His research interests include resource and power sharing, societal effects from dam building, and energy policy.