Call for Abstracts: A Special Issue of Journal of Hydrology

Water Diplomacy: Bridging the Science, Policy and Practice
Guest Editors: Dr Marian J. Neal, Maria Vink & Dr Martina Klimes (International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC) at SIWI)

Approximately 2 billion people depend on groundwater, sourced from over 300 transboundary aquifer systems. Furthermore about 286 river basins cross the political boundaries of two or more countries. These rivers are a primary source of freshwater for approximately 40 percent of the world’s population.

Water diplomacy is an approach that enables countries to negotiate ways to allocate and manage these shared water resources. It is a dynamic process that seeks to develop reasonable, sustainable and peaceful …Read More

Diplomats, researchers and practitioners meet to discuss changing face of (water) diplomacy

This week, the ICWC International Symposium on Water Diplomacy will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Speakers include Margareta Wahlström (Swedish Women Mediator Network), Aaron Wolf (OSU) and Seifeldin Abdalla (Ministry of Water, Sudan).

We are entering a new global era in diplomacy and political dynamics. In recent years, diplomacy has evolved to be more inclusive, open and transparent, involving different actors in order to better tackle complex global challenges such as water scarcity and climate change. The process of water diplomacy is also receiving growing interest from the diplomatic community and security analysists.

Global interdependencies are growing. Decision-making in one part of …Read More