Transboundary Water Management Database

Mapping Transboundary Water Management

This actor-based database draws on information collected through a mapping project conducted by SIWI Swedish Water House in 2011. It gives a snapshot of the activities, processes, projects and tools used by actors working with various transboundary water issues.
The map aims to:
  • Identify "knowledge gaps" and actions needed to facilitate more efficient transboundary water management.
  • Highlight positive examples of TWM, thereby encouraging further investments by development partners.
  • Promote objective decision-making, helping to form a framework for resource allocation in TWM.
The map illustrates different regions and basins in the world, and the basin actors connected to them. More than 700 transboundary basins have been identified, including Large Marine Ecosystems, Rivers, Aquifers and Lakes. Basin actors included are financial institutions, UN agencies and programs, international NGOs, river basin organizations, regional economic communities and intergovernmental organizations.
Defining geographical boundaries can be politically sensitive. This database groups countries in the sub-regions defined by The country borders originates from the world borders dataset, and basin borders from

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