Transboundary Water Management Database

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

GEF assist in the development of new regional treaties, protocols, and agreements. Projects often include local demonstration projects to show how communities can balance the competing uses of their water systems. In this way, GEF helps countries with technology transfer and the adoption of more integrated management approaches. GEF activities can be divided into the following tracks:

• Promoting Regional Security. Supporting a range of programs to foster cooperation, build trust and promote greater security across entire regions including Danube/Black Sea Basin, Marine Coral Triangle and Nile Basin Initiatives.

• Facilitating collaboration between River Basins. Improving countries' understanding of and capacity to jointly manage lakes and rivers in a sustainable manner through legal, policy, and institutional reforms, support to regional institutional development, technical assistance and investments, and by acting as a forum for nations to discuss and resolve conflicting views.

• Managing transboundary groundwater aquifers. Supporting a number of transboundary groundwater management projects through a wide variety of approaches.

• Coastal Management. Promoting Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) as a broader, more systemic approach to the management of coastal environments. GEF is supporting projects to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in vulnerable water systems such as the Danube and Black Sea Basin, the seas of Eastern Asia, and the Mediterranean Sea. It supports regional projects, single-country investment projects within regional partnerships, and separate funds to encourage local investment in nutrient reduction.

• Marine ecosystems. Working with countries to protect large marine ecosystems through ecosystem-based management of transboundary coastal and marine resources.

• Sharing information and experiences. Facilitating portfolio learning and information management amongst GEF IW projects and partners through IW:LEARN.







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