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Cap - net

Cap-Net is an international network for capacity building in sustainable water management. Cap-Net works with:

• Capacity Development. Builds capacity of institutions and individuals to manage, develop and use water resources sustainably, and to adapt to increasing climate variability and climate change within a context that addresses gender equity and sustainable livelihoods. In 2010, capacity is developed in 600 water stakeholders and practitioners and 10 river basin organisations to improve water management practices addressing water resources management functions such as allocation, pollution, planning, financial management, monitoring and climate change adaptation.

• Strengthening partnerships. Improves water management practices by using networks of capacity builders to impact on the ground, and by developing partnerships with international agencies to improve their outreach and collaboration on capacity building.

• Knowledge management. Develops and implements knowledge management systems (lessons learnt/best practices) that ensure access to international and local knowledge, measures the effectiveness of capacity building services, and establish indicators and monitoring systems.





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