Transboundary Water Management Database

UN - Water

UN-Water is an inter-agency mechanism created to add value to UN initiatives by fostering greater co-operation and information-sharing among existing UN agencies and outside partners. It provides information, policy briefs and other communication materials for policymakers and managers who work directly with water issues as well as the general public. It builds the knowledge base on water issues through efficient monitoring and reporting systems and facilitating easy access to this knowledge through regular reports and the Internet. UN-Water provides a platform for system-wide discussions to identify challenges in global water management, analyse options for meeting these challenges and ensures that reliable information and sound analysis informs the global policy debate on water. Much of UN-Water activities are carried out through time-bound task forces established to focus on specific areas of interest or emerging issues. One of its task forces focus on Transboundary Waters. In 2008 it produced a policy brief on transboundary waters, which was distributed at World Water Week. This policy brief has been complemented with practical publications illustrating successful cases and good practices of transboundary water cooperation.




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