Transboundary Water Management Database

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Research is the core activity of IWMI. Research activities can be divided into the following tracks:

• Provision of Data and Resources. IWMI develops analytical tools and resources to assist researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in assessing and managing transboundary river basins.

• Research to Fill Key Knowledge Gaps. IWMI Identifies and responds to research questions central to the improved management of transboundary waters. Research mainly focus on the following questions: 1) What have been the long term trends and patterns in transboundary water law and what lessons do they provide for the future? 2)When should we use "second best" approaches to solving transboundary conflicts? 3) How can "natural" and climate-change induced variability in water resource supplies be better managed in transboundary rivers? 4) How can data and information sharing be used to further transboundary cooperation? 5) What are the conditions under which large scale water infrastructure development and cooperation in transboundary basins is mutually reinforcing? 6) How can costs, benefits and risks in transboundary water management be shared so as to improve the scope and sustainability of transboundary cooperation?

• Projects to Provide Practical Solutions to Concrete Transboundary Water Management Problems. IWMI undertakes applied research projects aimed at developing both practical policy and management recommendations for local application as well as more generic suggestions with global relevance.

• Collaboration and Capacity Building. IWMI develops partnerships with institutions from the North and South through research activities, involving and supporting graduate students and interns interested in transboundary waters research.

• Publications. To ensure rigor in its work and to capture results for future users, IWMI publishes many of its findings in major international, peer-reviewed journals.







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