Transboundary Water Management Database

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

SEI raises awareness of freshwater problems and develops appropriate strategies for living within water budgets in a sustainable manner. The SEI Water Resources team advances integrated approaches to freshwater assessment and policy. Currently work focuses on developing applications of their Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) software in an effort to support the evaluation of alternative water management arrangement. SEI work in five main areas:

• Methods for Integrated Water Analysis. WEAP is used to represent current water conditions in a given area and to explore a wide range of demand and supply options for balancing environment and development.

• Capacity Building. SEI conducts training workshops for water analysts in governments and NGOs in integrated water planning relying on WEAP as a conceptual framework and practical approach for organizing information and supporting decision-making.

• Modelling Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources. Through WEAP, SEI quantify climate-change driven impacts to water resource allocation. Scenario-based impact assessments have been conducted in places like the Sacramento River Basin in Northern California, the Andes Glaciers of Bolivia, and the Lake Victoria in Eastern Africa. Recent work includes developing scenarios for adaptation in WEAP.

• River Basin Assessments. Working with local counterparts, SEI provides comprehensive assessments of water and environment in watersheds around the globe. These include a profile of supply and demand patterns, environmental issues, demand trends and potential problems with respect to water adequacy and alternative scenarios and policy options for mitigating water stress.

• Global Water Futures. SEI has been at the forefront of analysing global freshwater conditions, preparing alternative water scenarios including developing and modelling agricultural adaptation strategies to climate change, and setting priorities for action. This has included contributions to SEI/UN Comprehensive Freshwater Assessment and the World Water Vision.







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