Transboundary Water Management Database

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF's work focuses on the following themes:

• Water Governance. WWF promotes international processes and mechanisms to advance conservation of freshwater ecosystems, by working with regional public and private institutions (such as the EU, Asian Development Bank, Mekong River Commission, and African River Basin Commissions) thereby facilitating the implementation of new national laws and legislation that better support water and river basin management. It supports the development of institutional arrangements for river basin management and integrates sustainable water allocation, responsible water infrastructure, Eflows, protected areas and climate change adaptation into river basin management plans.

• Water Security. Within this theme, WWF conducts Eflow assessments and develops guidelines, promotes sustainable water infrastructure and integrates environmental water needs into river basin plans and policies.

• Climate Change Adaptation. WWF promotes functional floodplain wetlands to buffer weather extremes, conducts climate change vulnerability assessments of river basins and integrates climate change considerations into river basin management plans, dam operations and related policies.

• Water Stewardship. WWF helps governments, companies, investors and others understand their water footprints and become better water stewards.

• Marine Protected Areas. WWF implements the principles of ecosystem-based management into the use of marine resources in and adjacent to MPAs, such as fisheries and tourism developments.
WWF is also working with national governments and regional and international policy makers, pushing for new and better agreements on management practices. They also cooperate with scientists to establish the baseline knowledge necessary for effective management.







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