Transboundary Water Management Database

World Bank

The World Bank address both development and management issues by promoting integrated water resources planning, and by tackling institutional reforms along with infrastructure upgrades for various sectors in the context of green, climate-resilient growth. These issues include flood management, hydropower, agricultural water management, pollution control, transboundary water management and climate change adaptation. The Bank is currently setting up a trust fund in Africa for learning across the basins of the Senegal, Niger, Nile and Zambezi rivers. In Eastern Europe and Central Asia there is a focus on the water-energy nexus around the Aral Sea. Together with the energy sector a Central Asia-Southern Asia power transmission project is undergoing.
In Eastern Asia the World Bank is working on the Mekong. It has helped to prepare a short to medium-term operational strategy for the river, and to outline the principles for a longer-term strategy. It has also built capacity within MRC and continues to give support to water resource management. Activities in the region are also conducted through the Southern Asian Water Initiative (SAWI).






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