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Adapting to climate change induced water stress in the Nile River BasinAfrican Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development ProgramAssessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Socio - Economic Vulnerability in the Arab RegionBlue Nile Hydrosolidarities - Understanding Upstream - Downstream Links in the Blue Nile BasinFreshwater Under Threat - Vulnerability Assessment of Freshwater to Environment ChangeImproved capacity of CICOS for managing information and knowledge on water resources in the Congo BasinInformation Products for Decisions on Water Policy and Water Resource Management in the Nile Basin
Inventory of Shared Water Resources in the ESCWA RegionIWRM Zambezi training programmeKnowledge Mapping and Analysis of ESCWA Member States Capacities in Managing Shared Water ResourcesLake Tanganyika projectLake Tanganyika Regional Integrated Management ProgrammeLake Twinning ProjectMonitoring and Evaluation for Water in North Africa Project
Multinational - Regional water policy of the Economic Community of Central African StatesNile Basin Decision Support SystemRegional Climate Modelling of the Nile BasinRegional Strategic Water Infrastructure Development ProgrammeRegional Water Intelligence ReportsRegular Programme of Technical CooperationSADC - Hydrological Cycle Observing System (SADC - HYCOS)
SADC Groundwater and Drought Management ProjectStrengthening Hydrological and Meteorological Networks Hydrological Cycles Observation System (IGAD - HYCOS)Support to the Development of the African Network of Basin OrganizationTransboundary Water Management in the Congo BasinWater Resource MonographWater, climate and development programme (WACDEP)World Bank Projects in the Nile Region

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