Transboundary Water Management Database

Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project


This project aims to assist member countries with improved water resources management. It works towards the practical implementation of the MRC's procedures and guidelines. The project implements the organisation's procedures and guidelines through a three-tiered approach, which combines the regional (basin-wide), transboundary and national levels. At the regional level, the project addresses the basin-wide issues with regard to joint IWRM planning and development through the MRC advisory and facilitation platform between all Lower Mekong Basin countries. The transboundary level is strategically applied and focuses on bi-and multilateral cooperation between the MRC member countries and cross-country projects that are facilitated through the MRC Secretariat. Such projects include, for example, transboundary fisheries management. The Project also addresses gaps at the national level, where help in implementation is needed in national water resources management to anchor IWRM approaches and merge them with the basin-wide approaches. Other programmes promote cooperation on Navigation (surveys for improving traffic, promoting cross-border trade), Agriculture (Monitoring agricultural water use, climate change impacts, improving irrigation efficiency) and Fisheries (Advocacy of and research and training in sustainable fisheries management). MRC also has a programme on Flood Management (coordinates flood-management activities, training and study visits, producing annual flood reports) and Information and Knowledge Management (sharing hydrological data and environmental and socio-economic models in support of regional planning in the basin).






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