Transboundary Water Management Database

Mekong Delta Water Resources Management for Rural Development Project


The development objective of the project is to protect and enhance the utilization of water resources in the Mekong Delta Region in order to sustain gains in agricultural productivity, provide access to water supply for rural households, and contribute to climate change adaptation. The project consists of the following components 1) water management planning and efficient utilization, including measures to strengthen institutional capacities at sub-regional and provincial levels, promote effective operations and maintenance, and promote on-farm water use efficiency through pilot schemes 2) improvement and rehabilitation of water resources infrastructure, with emphasis on rehabilitation and minor improvement through canal dredging, and embankment reinforcement, as well as the installation of secondary control sluice gates 3) rural water supply and sanitation, aiming to extend reliable services to about 60,000 households in the project area and 4) assistance in project management and implementation. This compontents includes supporting incremental operating costs to implement the project and the monitoring and evaluation of project outcomes and impacts.






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