Transboundary Water Management Database

Local Multi-sectorial Efforts for the CAI Water Dialogue


This project is a joint intiative between CAREC and the European Commission. It aimed to develop the base to set up multi-sectorial working groups for each Central Asian country in order to develop locally based project proposals: one on transboundary water management between two transboundary localities, another one on local IWRM approaches for each CA countries. It also aimed to raise funds for implementation of projects and implement them on a multi-sectorial base. Activities included 1) Arranging regional consultation of experts to identify key in-country and transboundary water problems and localities: one in each country and one transboundary locality for projects to be implemented under multi-stakeholder group coordination and addressing sectoral barriers in water management 2) Formation in consultations with appropriate stakeholders the multi-stakeholder national and bilateral transboundary working groups 3) Development of project criterion and proposals by working groups 4) Fundraising for project proposals 5) Arrangement of CA workshops to review progress of project development and then its implementation 5) Arranging water dialogues at subregional level to review project implementation and to discuss further multi-sectoral cooperation.






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