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Abu Dhabi DialogueAccruing multiple global benefits through Integrated Water Resource Management/Water Use Efficiency Planning: A demonstration project for Sub-Saharan AfricaAdaptation to climate change in the Chu-Talas river basinAdapting to climate change induced water stress in the Nile River BasinAddressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal AreaAfrican Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development ProgramAfrican Transboundary River Basin Support ProgrammeAmazon Basin Integrated Water Resources Management ProgramASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation (AMBDC)Asian Development Bank Projects in Chu-TalasAsian Development Bank Projects in Syrdarya and Amu-DaryaAssessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Socio - Economic Vulnerability in the Arab RegionAssessment of Transboundary WatersBasin Development Plan ProjectBinational Water Quality DatabaseBlue Nile Hydrosolidarities - Understanding Upstream - Downstream Links in the Blue Nile BasinBugesera transboundary IWRM development and conservation projectCatalysing transboundary cooperation in Lake TiticacaCharter of the water of Lake Chad BasinClimate Change and Adaptation InitiativeCooperative Programme on Water and ClimateCreation of Enabling Environment for Integrated Management of the Kura - Aras Transboundary Rivers BasinCubango Okavango River Basin Water Audit ProjectDanube River Basin Management PlanDevelopment and adoption of a Strategic Action Program for balancing water uses and sustainable natural resource management in the Orange - Senqu river transboundary basinDevelopment and adoption of a Strategic Action Programme in the Orange - Senqu basinDIKTAS ProjectEconomic Incentives for Sustainable Land and Water Management in South and Southeast AsiaEnvironmental Change in the Mekong DeltaEnvironmental Protection and Sustainable Management of the Okavango River Basin ProjectFeasibility Study and Project Documentation for the Rehabilitation and Development of Transport and Navigation on the Sava River WaterwayFergana Valley ProjectFreshwater Under Threat - Vulnerability Assessment of Freshwater to Environment ChangeFrom Potential Conflict to CooperationGanges - Brahmaputra - Meghna River Basin Groundwater Study
Ganges Strategic Basin AssessmentGEF AmazonasGEOAQUIFERGood Water NeighboursGreat Lakes Energy - Water Nexus initiativeGreater MekongGroundwater GovernanceHarmonisation and Approximation of Water Standards and Norms in Central AsiaHydro - economic modellingImproved capacity of CICOS for managing information and knowledge on water resources in the Congo BasinImproving Water Governance in the Volta BasinImproving Water Management and Governance in West African CountriesImproving Water Productivity and Reducing Water - Related Conflict in the AndesInformation Products for Decisions on Water Policy and Water Resource Management in the Nile BasinIntegrated Water Resources Management of the Sao Francisco River Basin and its Coastal ZoneIntegrating Multiple Benefits of Wetlands and Floodplains into Improved Transboundary Management for the Tisza River BasinInternational Specialized Conference on Watershed and River Basin ManagementInternational Watersheds InitiativeInternationally Shared Aquifers Resources Management ProgrammeInventory of Shared Water Resources in the ESCWA RegionInventory of Transboundary Rivers in the Asia - Pacific RegionIullemeden Aquifer System (IAS) projectIWRM Zambezi training programmeJoint Water Framework Directive / EU Water Initiative process ("Mediterranean Joint Process"/ JP): developing synergies between the two mechanisms to facilitate the implementation of sound water policiesJordan River - Dead Sea CommissionJordan River Peace Park InitiativeKnowledge Mapping and Analysis of ESCWA Member States Capacities in Managing Shared Water ResourcesLake Chad Sustainable Management of Groundwater ResourcesLake Tanganyika projectLake Tanganyika Regional Integrated Management ProgrammeLake Twinning ProjectLake Victoria Environmental Management ProjectLake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase 2Living Mekong ProgrammeLocal Multi-sectorial Efforts for the CAI Water Dialogue
Managing Groundwater in the Middle East and North AfricaManaging the Mara River in Kenya and TanzaniaManaging Water in Asia's River Basins: Charting Progress and Facilitating InvestmentMapping, Assessment and Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the IGAD sub - region (MAM/IGAD)Measuring progress with IWRM for River BasinsMedPartnershipMekong Delta Water Resources Management for Rural Development ProjectMekong Futures Project - Northeast ThailandMekong Integrated Water Resources Management ProjectMekong Water DialoguesMonitoring and Evaluation for Water in North Africa ProjectMRC Environment ProgrammeMultinational - Regional water policy of the Economic Community of Central African StatesNational Policy DialoguesNational RoadmapsNetwork Development of Local Actors from the Sava River Basin on Water Resource ManagementNile Basin Capacity Building Network for River EngineeringNile Basin Decision Support SystemNorth-Western Sahara Aquifer System projectNorthern Aral Sea and Syrdarya Control projectOverseeing river basin management in SenegalPilot River Basin Plan for Sava RiverPlatform for sharing experience on water and adaptation to climate change in transboundary basinsPreparation of Lake Chad Basin water charterPreparation of the Implementing Documents for Establishment of Geographic InformationPro - AquiferProgramme for transboundary wetland conservationProgramme on improving the Central Asian Hydromets ServiceProject on consultation on worksPromoting a new Israel/Palestine Water AccordReducing and Preventing Land - based Pollution in the Rio de la Plata/Maritime Front through Implementation of the FrePlata Strategic Action ProgrammeRegional Civil Society ForumsRegional Climate Modelling of the Nile BasinRegional Framework for Sustainable Use of the Rio BravoRegional Strategic Water Infrastructure Development Programme
Regional Transboundary Water Dialogue SupportRegional Water Intelligence ReportsRegular Programme of Technical CooperationRheinBlick2050RIVERTWIN ProjectSADC - Hydrological Cycle Observing System (SADC - HYCOS)SADC Groundwater and Drought Management ProjectSava River BasinSenegal River Basin Multipurpose Water Resources Development ProjectSouth Caucasus Cooperative River MonitoringSouthern Africa Regional Environmental ProgrammeStrategic Utilization of the Transboundary Groundwater of Hispaniola-Dominican Republic and Haiti (UNEP-OAS)Strengthening Hydrological and Meteorological Networks Hydrological Cycles Observation System (IGAD - HYCOS)Strengthening the Economic and Financial Dimensions of Water Management, including Adaptation to Climate ChangeSupport for the Creation of a Transboundary Water Commission on the Chu-Talas Rivers between Kazakhstan and KyrgyzstanSupport to the Development of the African Network of Basin OrganizationSustainable Development Programme of the Lake Chad BasinSustainable Management of the Water Resources of the La Plata Basin with Respect to the Effects of Climate Variability and ChangeSustainable Use of Groundwater in Central AsiaSustainable Water Integrated Management - Support MechanismTacana projectThird edition of the United Nations World Water Development ReportTransboundary Aquifers System Conservation, Protection and Sustainable Use in MesoamericaTransboundary Cooperation and Sustainable Management of the Dniester RiverTransboundary Water Management in the Congo BasinTWAP ProjectValue of Great Lakes Water initiativeWater and Climate ChangeWater for PeaceWater Resource MonographWater Resources Planning and Management ProjectWater, climate and development programme (WACDEP)World Bank Projects in the Nile Region

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